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Asientos reservados

After filling out your trip details and selecting your route - you'll be able to choose your reserved seats. You can select one of the 18 most popular seats on our coaches to get a great view - or ensure that you sit next to family and friends.

Prices will vary depending on the date you booked and day and time of your journey. Prices are subject to change. 

After filling out your trip details and selecting your route - you'll be able to choose your reserved seats. Simply click on the seat you'd like, then click 'continue', and purchase your tickets. Los asientos reservados se van asignando según el orden de llegada, y están disponibles en determinadas rutas.

Your ticket will show the seat number you've reserved. Then when you get on board, your seat number will be displayed on the headrest. 

seat reservation on megabus coac

Reserved seats are currently available on selected routes. If your trip offers seat reservations, you'll see a seating plan when you're booking your trip which is where you can select your seat. 

We recommend booking early to avoid disappointment. Solo los asientos que se muestran en el sitio web como asientos reservados se pueden reservar. El resto de los asientos se asignan según el orden de llegada. 

Reserved seats can only be purchased online at

You can trade in your general seat for a reserved seat (subject to availability) online and more than 24 hours before you're due to travel. A £3,25 fee (£2,25 amendment fee and £1 booking fee) will be charged for all reservations being traded in.
The cost of the initial reservation will be credited against the new reservation. If the new reservation is less expensive than your original booking, no payment or further credit will be made to you - and all unused credit will be lost.

If the initial amount paid is less than the cost of the new reservation, you must pay the difference when completing your new booking.

Although the seat may be available when you're leaving the stop, it may be reserved by another passenger from a city further along your trip. So we'd ask that you stick to your current seat to avoid any confusion.

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If your query is about an existing megabus booking, please remember to give us your booking reference number when you first contact us.